About Us

The Precarious Work Chronicle is based in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada, and proudly serves all Canadians.

We are a social purpose news site designed to shine a spotlight on one of the most striking societal changes of our time – the rise of precarious work. Precarious work is defined by work that is part-time, temporary, or contract in nature. Some refer to it as the ‘gig’ economy. On top of this limited work there is usually an absence of benefits for workers.

Most people in society want full-time, quality jobs or careers, with benefits. They don’t like the uncertainty that contract work or multiple jobs creates. Unfortunately, this has been the new norm.

Using the power of personal stories, interviews with change makers and leaders, and clear analysis — we provide advocacy and leadership on one of the most defining issues of our times.

Why not use the contact form and tell us about your own experiences with precarious work? We would be happy to talk with you to share your story.

We also cover Basic Income news from across Canada. This includes conducting interviews with leaders at municipal, provincial, and federal levels as well as writing about Canadians who project what their lives would be like under a Basic Income policy.

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